Natural Paints Collection

Beeck Mineral Paints Range



  • Long-lasting durable finish
  • Maintenance is simple, efficient and extremely economic
  • Suitable for both historic and modern construction


Beeck paints are vapour permeable making them suitable for historic as well as contemporary construction.

Beeck produce a wide range of primers and preparation products, as well as both internal and external paints systems.

Beeck have been manufacturing mineral silicate paints for over 125 years. Unlike modern coatings, Beeck paints do not form a film over the substrate; they form a direct and inseparable chemical bond to the substrate. Due to this chemical bond a highly stable and lightfast coating is achieved. This process results in a long-lasting durable finish that can be over coated numerous times.

Beeck are the only manufacturer of mineral based paints to offer Active Silicification Formula (A.S.F) paints, this means that the paint achieves a 100% bond with the substrate and is unsurpassed in terms of durability, even in the most exposed conditions, with application references in Germany achieving over 100 years.

Earthborn Claypaint


Earthborn Claypaint reduces dust and allergen build-up. It is also easy to apply, hardwearing and has great covering power. Distinctive style – virtually VOC free, acrylic free, totally oil free. Certified free of harmful emissions and odour free. Highly breathable, creating a more comfortable living environment – minimises condensation, deters mildew. Static resistant. 

Earthborn claypaint is available in both traditional and contemporary shades. Please contact us if you would like to receive a colour card.


  • Virtually VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) free
  • Oil free
  • Suitable for all interior settings
  • Great coverage
  • Easy to apply
  • Hard wearing
  • Can benefit allergy and asthma sufferers


Suitable for: All interior settings, including kitchens, bathrooms and nurseries, older properties with potential damp problems, newly plastered walls and ceilings, hiding hairline cracks, interior masonry or timber, lime substrates.


Cornish Lime Limewash



  • Better permeability than conventional limewash allowing the building fabric to breathe
  • Traditional, inexpensive coating to protect render, plasterwork and masonry
  • When applied without pigments it results in a brilliant white finish due to the purity of lime
  • Contains no toxic compounds or solvents


Can be applied internally or externally. Not recommended for application in exposed external locations.

Pure unadulterated limewash, made from mature lime putty, available in 24 colours.

This Pure Limewash gives maximum coverage, a brilliant rich finish and can hold mineral pigments extremely well. Available in 24 historical colours (which can be used as concentrates to produce more delicate colours) and white. Colour swatches available upon request. Remains attractive as it gradually ages.

St. Astier Lime Paint



  • Vibrant and breathable
  • Non toxic
  • Allows moisture to evaporate
  • Suitable for a wide range of surfaces


Can be applied to a variety of backgrounds, including gypsum plaster, lining paper, cement and lime backgrounds, bricks, blocks and untreated timber. Please get in touch for more information.

As well as colour and vibrancy, St. Astier lime paints help buildings to breathe, readily allowing moisture to evaporate. The range of surfaces and backgrounds which can be painted with St. Astier lime paints is far greater than normal lime washes although not every surface is suitable, many cement, concrete, gypsum, stone, brick and lining paper backgrounds readily accept St. Astier lime paints. Lime paints are not flat and dull, they reflect the changing light through the seasons and conditions during wet and dry periods.