Aglaia Natural Paints

Aglaia have been manufactured for over 40 years using only natural ingredients.

These high performance products are based on traditional formulations that have been further developed to minimise the impact on the environment, to have no adverse impact on our health, and allow buildings to breathe more easily.

The Aglaia range of products and paints are stocked by a range of suppliers covering the country. Please get in contact with your local supplier for more information.

Product Applications

Aglaia paints are suitable for a wide number of applications and uses. Please search for a product or application that you require or look through the list below.

Waxes and Oils

Waxes and Oils suitable for protecting timber surfaces such as joinery, furniture, work surfaces and toys

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Ready to use natural plasters for internal repair work or for a superior finish.

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Primers and Sealants

Primers and Sealants for preparing surfaces such as lime, gypsum, concrete or glossy surfaces for painting or sealing.

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More Information

For more Information please refer to the Full Aglaia Brochure.

Aglaia Paints are available in a range of different colour ranges including Aglaia Coastal ColoursAglaia Contemporary Colours and Aglaia Lacquer Colour. Please contact our suppliers for a list of colours that they stock different paints in.